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The Construction Laborers Trust Funds for Southern California Administrative Company, LLC (“CLTF”) is dedicated to enforcing the fringe benefit contribution provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreements of the Laborers Union.

CLTF functions through the cooperation between labor and management. We’ve been in business performing a multitude of tasks and services on behalf of the Laborers Trust Funds.

If you are a signatory employer, an employee, a local union representative or just simply browsing around, there is information that will benefit everyone. We look forward to providing you with professional assistance.


So Ca Laborers Local Unions

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Blythe Energy Project aka Elk Hills/Mountain View Power Plant

Los Angeles Community College District – PLA

Los Angeles Unified Sch.District – Project Stabilization Agrmnt.

Orange County Project Stabilization Agreement

Santa Ana Unified School District Projects


-Striping  -All Concrete Work  -Plaster Tender  -Lanscape  -Asphalt  -Pipe Laying  -Scaffolding  -Excavation  -Tunneling  -Shoring  -Drilling  -Gunite  -Refractory Workers  -Brick Tenders  -Asbestos Abatement  -Tilt-up  -Demolition  -Street & Heavy Highway Work  -Signaling & rigging  -Traffic Control  -All work necessary to tend to all other building trades craftsmen

Listed coverage is not all inclusive. Please call our office to check if a particular work is covered.


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